Lyon County, Kentucky
 Call us at: 270-388-7311
Social Service Contacts
Type of Service                         Name                          Mailing address                  City                     Phone
 Child/Adult Protection            Social Services            620 W. Dale Avenue           Eddyville            270-388-2146
 Cash Assistance                       ANAP/Medicare           620 W. Dale Avenue           Eddyville             270-388-2206
 Food                                        Meals on Wheels         631 W. Dale Avenue           Eddyville             270-388-2171
 Health Department                 Health Center             211 Fairview Ave.               Eddyville             270-388-9763
 Hospice                                   Lourdes Hospice          2855 Jackson St.                Paducah              800-870-7460
 Hospice                                   Pennyroyal Hospice     220 Burley Avenue             Hopkinsville         270-885-6428
 Legal Aid                                 KY Legal Aid                  P. O. Box 1776                   Bowling Green     800-782-1924
 Medical-Equipment                 Lyon Drug Store           210 Main Street                  Eddyville             270-388-2236
 Medical Card                           Medicaid-Social Ins.     620 W. Dale Avenue            Eddyville             270-388-2206
 Medicare                                 Social Security             546 Lone Oak Rd. No. 2      Paducah              800-772-1213
 Social Security                        Social Security            125 Brett Chase                   Paducah              800-772-1213
 Transportation                        PACS                            631 W. Dale Avenue            Eddyville             270-388-2171
 Veterans                                 Ky. Dept. of VA Affairs 205 South 8th Street          Mayfield              877-812-0840
 Veterans                                 A. L. Adjutant/Pat Gill 373 Lakeshore Dr.              Kuttawa               270-388-8332

Lyon County, Kentucky
 Call us at: 270-388-7812
Pennyrille Allied Community Services (PACS)

Lyon County Office                        Hopkinsville Office
(270) 388-7812                                (270) 886-6341
(270) 365-5097                                1-800-264-0643
Contact Helen Shipman                 Contact Molly Thomas​            

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