Lyon County, Kentucky
 Call us at: 270-388-7311
How do I? 
1. Sign up to receive mosquito protection on my property

    Contact the Lyon County Health Department at (270) 388-9763

2. Where do I pay property taxes? 

    Current year property taxes are paid in the Sheriff's office, delinquent taxes are paid in the County Clerk's office

3. Is there a burn ban within the county? 

   Click to see 

4. Find a lost dog 

    Contact Animal Control by clicking here

5. Get a pothole filled or a road sign replaced 

    Contact the Lyon County Road Department by clicking here 

6. Get a 911 address - Click here

7. Get in touch with my Magistrate - Click here 

8. Find the County's Facebook page - Click here 

9. Learn more about the County's finances - Click here 

10. License my boat or vehicle - Click here

11. Pay a court related fine or check the status of my court date

    Contact the Judical Center, Circuit Clerk's Office at (270) 388-7231 

12. Find out if I need a building permit

    Contact Frank Wallace at, (270) 619-0679 or (270) 619-0813

13. Where can I take my trash or recyclables? Click here

14. Rent a building or pavilion at the park - Click here