Lyon County, Kentucky
 Call us at: 270-388-7311
Animal Control
Stan Kinnis
Lyon County Animal Control Officer
(270) 625-3337

Lyon County, Kentucky
Animal Control
Dead Animal Disposal
If you have a horse or cow that needs to be disposed of please call the Road Department at (270) 625-2234 and they will make arrangements to bring the equipment necessary to dig a hole for burial.
Pet Owner Information - What to do for a lost pet
BE PRO-ACTIVE! Please put ID tags on your pets with your contact information or have them micro-chipped by your local vet. Akridge’s sells 
collars with attached nameplates, so there are no hanging tags.

PLEASE HAVE YOUR PET SPAYED OR NEUTERED. Unwanted litters take up space in the shelters that could otherwise be used for legitimately lost 
animals that we want to re-unite with their owners.

• Call the Crittenden County Animal Shelter located in Marion, Kentucky. It is open 8 to 2 Monday through Friday and Saturday 8 to 12 (270) 969-1054. This is where Lyon County strays are taken.

• Stan Kinnis is our Animal Control officer and he generally holds all strays for a few days before taking them to Crittenden County Animal Shelter. His number to text or call is 270-625-3337.

• You can post a photo of your pet on the Facebook page, PAWS in Lyon County, INC. Volunteers for the Crittenden, Caldwell and Marshall county 
animal shelters will see it. If you are not on Facebook send a picture of your lost pet to and or text to 270-625-2744.

• Check the Herald Ledger facebook page to see if they have posted a photo of your pet that may have been picked up.

Searching for a lost horse? There is a database that county judge executives IN Kentucky update when the animal control officer finds a lost or abandoned horse. Click here for the database.
If you have lost a horse contact the animal control office immediately or the judge executives office and visit this site. Thank You!

Each year my office applies for a grant to help ease the cost of spay and neuter. This grant is through the state of Kentucky. When people buy a license plate related to this program in the County Clerk's office the money goes toward this grant.The vouchers have been delivered to the Lyon County Animal Clinic in Eddyville and to Williams Vet Clinic on Highway 1943 in North Lyon. You may choose either. Just go to the vet of your choice in Lyon County - they have the vouchers already to make this more efficient. Vouchers pay $30.00 toward the cost and includes a shot.
To Qualify, the pet owner must be a Lyon County resident and have a household income of $40,000 or less per year. Please bring proof of Lyon Residency. Limit one per household. First come, first serve until vouchers are gone. Thanks! - Wade White

Lyon County Veterinary Clinics
Call us at: (270) 625-3337